Josh Hawley Wants Canada Added To Terrorist Watch List

( Republican Senator Josh Hawley sent an urgent appeal to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom on Thursday, arguing that Canada must be added to its special watch list over recent examples of Canadian pastors and religious leaders being arrested for failing to comply with COVID-19 rules.

Well, with Joe Biden and the Democrats in charge, it doesn’t seem likely they’re going to care very much about that…

Hawley recommended that Canada be added to the same list as Cuba, Iraq, and Afghanistan, after pastors were arrested for holding services that violated severe restrictions put in place by the left-wing Canadian government.

The special watchlist contains a number of countries where religious freedoms are violated by the state. Countries qualify for the list if they meet two requirements of a test created by the agency. The test determines whether the violations are systematic, ongoing, and egregious.

Unfortunately, “egregious” can be interpreted differently by different people…so the arrest of Christian pastors in Canada could easily be considered justifiable by COVID restriction fantatics and left-wing activists.

The USCIRF agency also has a secondary list for countries that meet all three of its criteria, and whose governments are particularly extreme with regards to violating religious freedoms. China is perhaps one of the best examples, given the ongoing Uyghur Muslim genocide.

Cotton’s letter to the chair of the USCIRF, Nadine Maenza, said that he has “deep concern” about religious freedom in Canada, and cited the story of Pastor Tim Stephens from the Fairview Baptists Church in Calgary. The pastor was arrested in May, and later arrested again outside of his home and in front of his wife and children.

Officers rrested him for hosting an outdoor church service.

If you can get arrested for even hosting a church service outdoors, then maybe Hawley’s got a point…

You can read the letter here.