Josh Hawley Responds To Reporter Trying To Trip Him Up

( An ABC News reporter tried to catch Missouri Senator Josh Hawley in a trap by using the White House’s talking points to “debunk” Hawley’s case that SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was lenient on child sex predators. But since the reporter was only familiar with the White House line, she ended up trapping herself.

ABC News’ Rachel Scott demanded to know why Josh Hawley is pushing back on KBJ when he voted to confirm judges in the past whom the White House claimed were just as soft on child sex predators. Scott demanded to know why it was okay to vote to confirm those judges if it isn’t okay for the Supreme Court.

Hawley said he was uncertain which soft-on-child-porn-offender judges Scott was referring to, adding that he has only voted to confirm one Supreme Court nominee since he has been in the Senate.

Scott claimed that she looked through Senator Hawley’s voting record and it revealed that he voted to confirm “at least three federal judges” whom she said imposed even lighter sentences on such offenders. “So, how do you square that?” Scott asked.

Again, Hawley pointed out that he had only voted to confirm one SCOTUS nominee. He warned Scott to be careful about repeating the White House line, calling it “the old, ‘Well, everyone else is jumping off a cliff, so I will too.’”

Hawley turned the tables on Scott, asking her to cite which specific judges and cases she was referring to. Naturally, Scott couldn’t name any. She feigned surprise that Hawley expected her to provide details.

Hawley said he expected the reporter to have the facts if she was going to ask him about them. He noted that Judge Jackson had seven cases and asked Scott how many these other unnamed judges had.

Cornered, Scott tried to skirt the issue, telling Hawley “The larger point, senator, which I think that you’re not –”

But Hawley didn’t let her deflection stand. He cut her off, noting that she doesn’t know the judges or the cases. “You’re just here to do a ‘gotcha,” Hawley said. He told her to get back to him after she knows the facts, adding “Good luck!”