Jordan Petersen Says Government Advisor Admitted Lockdowns Were Based Polling

( Two weeks ago, Jordan Peterson appeared on The Rubin Report where he told host Dave Rubin that a senior advisor from one of Canada’s provincial governments told him that the COVID restrictions are driven, not by science, but by public opinion.

Peterson alleged that this advisor “flat out” told him that the provincial government’s COVID policy is determined by polling the popularity of the government. In other words, he claimed, the government’s policy is driven by “the part of the population that is most afraid of COVID.”

Pointing out American polling that shows both Democrats and Republicans wildly overestimate the risk of hospitalization from COVID-19, Peterson concludes that such exaggerated opinions are probably mirrored in Canada. And these overestimations are partly due to the relentless fearmongering campaigns from the government.

Peterson told Rubin that he was extremely disheartened by what this government advisor told him because he had hoped COVID restrictions were driven at least in part by “something remotely resembling a scientifically-informed plan.”

Even the government advisor who spoke with Peterson was “irate” enough to consider resigning over it.

Watch the first part of Dave Rubin’s November 10 interview with Jordan Peterson:

While polling may play a part in the government’s actions. Here in the US, it would be wise not to underestimate the government’s willingness to use the pandemic as a pretense to amass unconstitutional powers.

The quest for the power to bypass the US Constitution, deprive individuals of their civil rights and strip the American people of their liberty and sovereignty are far more likely to be the motivating factor behind the US COVID response than public polling is.

The Biden administration and the Democrats have made it clear that they are indifferent to public opinion. The majority of Americans support election integrity laws like voter ID. But Democrats don’t care. They are still pushing legislation that would federalize US elections and remove existing state voter ID laws. The majority of Americans support increasing border security to stop the flow of illegal aliens. And we all know how little the Biden administration cares about that.