John McAfee Wears THONG As A Face Mask, Gets Arrested

( It’s hard for libertarian tech legend John McAfee to shock us anymore, but the story of him being arrested in Norway for wearing a woman’s thong on his face instead of a face mask is definitely a new one.

The pioneer behind one of the world’s most popular anti-virus software was arrested and eventually released from jail in Norway after walking around in public wearing a lacey black thong on his face that certainly wasn’t helping reduce the spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

The New York Post reported on the story, citing a series of tweets made on McAfee’s Twitter account by his wife on Monday morning. She said that John was expected to be released from jail for wearing the masks and that she would be managing the account until he “escapes,” “bribes someone,” “retains the right lawyer,” or “becomes warden of the jail.”

“Masks stop bacteria. Not viruses people!” she added.

The claim is true and untrue. Masks do help stop the spread of bacteria, but they can also help reduce the spread of a virus. The moisture caught in a mask when breathing and talking, if worn by someone infected by the virus, will be infectious and filled with viral matter. All the viral matter caught by the mask is viral matter not exposed in the air, and the more people wear the masks, the less virus there is in the air.

Though, it is true that masks are not 100% effective and the virus can still be transmitted while wearing one.

Janice McAfee clarified on Twitter that he wasn’t arrested for wearing a thong as a mask, but instead for refusing to replace the thong with a mask that was “medically certified.” Janice said that she also refused to wear one, but the police only arrested John and left her alone.

After he was released from jail, John McAfee told his followers that he “cannot speak publicly” about his “fun and games yesterday” but that after a few hours of sleep he will be back with his “usual stream of conscious.”

McAfee is a strange guy. On August 7, he posted a picture of himself wearing a white lacey thong and told followers that he was auctioning them off. If you’re mad enough to buy one, you’ll be getting a mask first worn by his wife for a day, and then worn by him for two days.