John Kerry Made Millions From Oil, Report Finds

( John Kerry, the former Secretary of State under the Obama administration and currently President Joe Biden’s climate czar, was just revealed to be making millions of dollars from stocks that include oil companies…despite flying all over the world in his private jet claiming to be tackling climate change.

Kerry, who is officially the “special presidential envoy on climate” for the State Department, has disclosed millions of dollars in income from stocks which include oil companies that he liquidated shortly after taking office in January. The information was made publicly available just last week from financial disclosure forms required from public officials.

Speaking to Axios, which first revealed the contents of the disclosures – which are required by most political appointees working for the federal government – the State Department said that Kerry agreed to divest his assets identified by the Ethics Office as having a significant conflict-of-interest risk.

That means John Kerry may not have been interested in divesting those assets had he not been forced to by the State Department to avoid criticism over a conflict of interest.

According to the filings, Kerry’s total investments were worth between $4.2 million and $15 million, and it took him roughly one and a half months to divest from the stocks even after he became the special climate envoy.

So let’s get this straight:

– John Kerry flies a private jet to receive an award in Iceland during a pandemic
– John Kerry’s family flies his private jet mere hundreds of miles at a time
– John Kerry made millions from oil stock

At which point does the Biden administration admit that they picked the worst possible candidate to travel the world promoting America’s climate change policy?

It wasn’t immediately clear how Kerry chose to divest away from these stocks, though under federal ethics rules, he may have benefitted from deferring capital gains taxes on the sales by reinvesting his cash in “permitted” assets.

Lucky for some, huh?