Joe Rogan Says What He Believes Is Anti-American

( This week, Podcaster Joe Rogan posted to Instagram a remastered video clip taken from an old podcast of his warning about giving politicians power that they previously didn’t have.

In the video, Rogan explains that once politicians get that kind of power, they will figure out a way to “force you into carrying something that lets you enter businesses or lets you do this or let businesses open.” And worse, once they have that power, they aren’t going to give it up. “They will find new reasons to use it,” Rogan warns.

The upshot of his message is that Americans have to protect freedom “at all costs.” It isn’t about whether or not you agree with people’s choices. The foundation of this country is freedom and it has to be protected.

In the clip, Rogan gives a simple case that the American system of self-government, unlike every country that came before it, was founded on freedom. And it has “created the greatest cultural machine, the greatest machine of art and creativity and innovation” as a result.

Rogan warns that we should be “very cautious” about anything “that comes along and inhibits your freedom,” adding that inhibiting our freedom is “by definition, anti-American.”

Rogan’s warning was clipped from an August podcast where he discussed COVID vaccine passports and repurposed into the video he posted to Instagram. The repurposed video titled “FREEDOM: Joe Rogan” was created by Samuel Rivera Films, and it is chillingly well done.

Watch the clip (warning NSFW language):

This is why the Left hates Joe Rogan. This is why when Joe Rogan speaks, the usual suspects in the media – from Don Lemon to Joy Reid to Brian Stelter – go insane.

Rogan’s audience is made up of people who typically tune out the usual voices who promote Freedom and Liberty. They aren’t “Reagan conservatives” or even “Tea Party conservatives.” Rogan’s audience is by and large younger people who weren’t steeped in Reaganism. And he is turning them on to the fundamental truths of Liberty.

That makes Rogan dangerous to the modern American Left whose base of support is among the young.