Joe Rogan Says George Soros Wants Crime To Flourish

Podcaster Joe Rogan last week went off on billionaire George Soros, comparing him to the villain in a superhero movie and accusing him of wanting “crime to flourish.”

During an interview with former CIA officer Mike Baker on last Wednesday’s “Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan mentioned a conversation he had with Texas Governor Greg Abbott about George Soros. Rogan said Soros donating to “very progressive, very leftist” prosecutors or politicians was “f*cking terrifying.”

He said it seems as if Soros “funds corrosion” and he “wants these cities to fall apart” and for “crime to flourish,” comparing Soros to “an evil person in a Batman movie.” Mike Baker agreed, saying the billionaire leftist “understood early on where you wanted to seize power.”

Baker added that contrary to the belief that becoming a Senator would be the “pinnacle of success,” Soros understands that it is from prosecutors and “state-level politicians” “where real change occurs and where things can happen.” Rogan observed that what George Soros does is “all very weird.” He said “obviously” Soros has been involved in the highest level of politics for decades “and it seems like it’s his fun little game.”

Baker agreed, telling Rogan that Soros enjoys being “the puppet master” who is pulling the strings. He suggested that the billionaire likes to have that level of influence and impact on American politics.

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Joe Rogan: George Soros Is An Evil Villain From a Batman Movie!! Pushing EXTREME Far LEFT Agenda! – YouTube

In an earlier podcast, Rogan addressed the classified documents found in Joe Biden’s former office at the Biden Penn Center in Washington and suggested that the bigger story isn’t the documents themselves but the fact that China had given over $50 million to the University of Pennsylvania while the Penn Biden Center was being established. Rogan questioned whether China was using the donations to influence the policies the Penn Biden Center was promoting.

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