Joe Manchin Surrounded By Angry Liberal Protestors

( Senator Joe Manchin, one of the Democratic Party’s few remaining moderate liberals, was confronted by angry activists this week – who were taking part in a hunger strike – for his connection to the fossil fuel industry. They also laid into the Senator, who has stood in the way of the Democrats removing the Senate filibuster and passing the unprecedented $3.5 trillion spending package, for failing to back sweeping new “climate change” laws.

As President Joe Biden prepared to head to Glasgow, Scotland for the COP26 climate change conference, senators were reviewing a massive $555 billion in financial incentives for companies to adopt renewable energy sources, a tax break of $12,500 to anybody who buys an electric car, and a range of sweeping new policies that would make life difficult for smaller businesses.

The bill, which is part of Biden’s extremist “Build Back Better” plan, was not supported in full by Senator Manchin or fellow moderate Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

As head of the Senate Energy Committee, what Manchin has to say about this law really matters – and the fact that he currently has somewhere between $1 million and $5 million invested in coal brokerage firm Enersystems Inc, a company he founded back in 1988, leftists are not happy with him.

In 2020 alone, Manchin earned half a million dollars from his stake in the firm.

And while some may have legitimate concerns about Senators profiting from businesses while also controlling legislation that could determine the future and success of those businesses, this 20-year-old radical activist rudely confronted Manchin in public.


“I’m going to grow up in a catastrophic climate emergency if you continue to block the Civilian Climate Corps. The methane emissions…” she told Manchin.

“Abby, let me tell you, the United States has done more than any other country. All the [carbon] emissions are coming from Asia,” he responded.

Which is…totally true.

Nothing is ever enough for Democrats.