Joe Manchin Sits With Republicans At SOTU

( Did you notice that during President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address, Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin chose to sit with the Republicans?

Well, we say Republicans. He was technically closer to members of the Republican Party, but he did also sit right next to pseudo-conservative Republican Senator for Utah, Mitt Romney.

Still, it’s significant. The West Virginia senator has been bullied relentlessly by his Democrat colleagues for refusing to vote in favor of their extremist Build Back Better bill and their “voting rights” legislation that would federalize elections. His decision not to back the Build Back Better bill meant he was blamed for single-handedly destroying President Joe Biden’s hopes of passing landmark legislation.

Back in December, he told Fox News that he cannot vote for legislation that he cannot explain to the people of West Virginia.

“I just can’t, I’ve tried everything possible, I can’t get there,” he said.

Manchin also cited rising prices of food, household goods, and gas as a reason why he won’t support massive new spending bills.

Not only did Manchin sit with the Republicans during the State of the Union address, but he also reportedly didn’t stand with his Democrat colleagues when the president spoke about expanded child credit – a policy that Manchin has had major disagreements with the Democrats over.

Manchin sat between Republican Senator Roger Wicker and Mitt Romney, and was the only member of his party to be seen sitting with Republicans.

Could this be a sign he’s planning on making a switch?