Joe Biden Wants $4 Trillion Socialist Spending Package Approved Over Summer

( We’ve previously reported how President Joe Biden has held secret meetings in the White House with historians to discuss how much is too much and how quick is too quick for his sweeping executive actions and spending sprees, but more details are revealing just how radical this new president is.

President Joe Biden is reportedly preparing to pass a massive infrastructure plan that will cost over $2 trillion, without a care in the world about the $1.9 trillion just spent on bailing out Democrat-run states and cities under the guise of COVID relief.

Biden administration officials revealed that the president’s Build Back Better package would be sweeping and ambitious, aiming to make “generational investment” in infrastructure and revive domestic manufacturing – something that President Donald Trump was already repairing through low taxes and encouraging the private sector to produce goods domestically.

The president offered some details of his new plan on Wednesday during a speech in Pittsburgh, that his administration says will be paid for over a period of 15 years by hiking taxes on corporations.

No word from President Biden or his administration on how they will stop corporations from taking their business outside of the United States to avoid those taxes…

During his speech, Biden claimed that it’s time to change the American economy, claiming that because millions of Americans lost their jobs and the 1% gained wealth, there must be something wrong.

He didn’t acknowledge that it was the Democrats who forced the country into prolonged lockdowns and cost people their jobs and livelihoods.

In a fact sheet published on the White House website, the Biden administration promised to “fix highways, rebuild bridges, upgrade ports, airports and transit systems,” and to “deliver clean drinking water, a renewed electric grid, and high-speed broadband to all Americans.”

Biden also committed to retrofitting millions of homes, but didn’t explain what they would be retrofitted with (seriously – check out the fact sheet and see for yourself), and then promised to “revitalize manufacturing, secure U.S. supply chains, invest in R&D, and train Americans for the jobs of the future.”

Biden is preparing to get this all passed by the Summer, but many Democrats want him to go further. Pundits are even publishing articles calling o the president to “go way bigger.”

Does any single Democrat out there understand the value of money?

Who’s ready for a tax hike?