Joe Biden Targets Little Boy On Camera While Cameras Were Rolling

( Last Friday, President Biden and his wife Jill attended an event at Brookland Middle School in Washington DC to promote safe school reopening. And apparently old Joe was having one of his “bad days.”

As the President and First Lady made their way out to the podium, instead of following his wife, Joe stalked behind one of the students. And when the unsuspecting boy got up next to Jill, Joe did his trademark “shoulder rub” while standing behind the poor kid.

One clever video maker set the incident to the music from the movie “Jaws.”

Then, as Jill addressed the assembled crowd, the President simply wandered away. Nobody knows why.

At one point, Joe said that he would “get in trouble” with the Secret Service for inviting sixth graders to come visit him at the White House after they were vaccinated.

At this point, you can understand why the White House opted not to have President Biden deliver live remarks on the twentieth anniversary of September 11.

Speaking of which, when he arrived at the 9/11 memorial in New York City, Joe was booed and heckled by people in the crowd. And as he was filmed, Biden again made a beeline to a small child. And one of the hecklers is heard on the video repeatedly saying “don’t sniff him!”

Take note of how unsteady Joe is on his feet in that clip. He’s shuffling along as one of his handlers sticks close by, no doubt to catch him if he falls – or perhaps to keep him in check if he gets to handsy with the kids.

When Joe Biden first began his campaign for the White House, he was forced to offer an apology for getting handsy with adult women. In the video apology, Joe claimed that “social norms” have changed and such behavior is no longer appropriate – as if there was actually a time when it was appropriate.

But what Joe didn’t address in this ridiculous apology was his penchant for touching, stroking and sniffing children. And that behavior hasn’t altered one bit.

The media may be unwilling to acknowledge that we have a President and Commander-in-Chief who is barely there. But unless the entire country is struck blind, it doesn’t go unnoticed by the American people. Nor does Joe’s bizarre and inappropriate behavior with children.