Joe Biden Starts Disturbingly Wondering Around On Stage

( Here’s something you might have missed from the news last week.

It’s yet another instance of President Joe Biden getting confused during a speech. This time, it was during an event in Cleveland, Ohio, where he discussed his ongoing efforts to put the United States economy back on the right track…despite overseeing massive inflation and continued unemployment even as businesses desperately hunt for workers as the economy begins to reopen.

And at one point during the speech, which took place at Cuyahoga Community College, President Biden appeared to look confused, didn’t seem to know where he was, and then just…walked away from the lectern.

Think we’re exaggerating? See for yourself.

He wasn’t wandering away from the lectern at the end of a speech. He wasn’t ready to leave the facility. He was in the middle of a sentence and just started wandering away from the microphone and the lectern. What’s that all about?

And then, when referring to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or “DARPA,” the president revealed that he doesn’t even know what the acronym stands for.

Biden called it the “Defense Applied Application Research” and just continued with his speech as if nothing happened. It sort of suggests that the president didn’t even know he’d made a mistake…which is worse.


On the same week that Biden made these gaffes, he also revealed an incredible $6 trillion spending plan to be executed from October, which will be paid for by massive hikes in taxation.

Isn’t it concerning to have someone who can’t even finish a speech without getting confused pushing such radical economic policies?