Joe Biden Spends Nearly 40% Of Days Away From White House

( An analysis from CNN just revealed that President Joe Biden has spent 107 days out of 275 days in office, not in his Oval Office. Some 40% of the time, the president has not been in Washington, D.C., but enjoying time off at his Delaware home or in Camp David.

And given just how bad a job he’s doing, it’s probably not surprising. He’s evidently not doing much.

The president has taken 35 personal trips in total, during which he claims that he works “remotely” but there is just no evidence to back that up. Splitting his time between his two Delaware homes, which includes a beach house, the president is one of the most hands-off commanders in chief we’ve had in a long time.

Almost every single weekend, President Biden has been away from the White House. He takes trips back home that take several days at a time, and will often leave the White House “at the conclusion of a normal workday on a Friday or returning to Washington before the start of a workday on a Monday.”

Well, that’s what CNN says – but think about all the times you’ve seen President Biden rocking up at the White House on a Monday afternoon and evening. You’ve noticed that too, right?

Biden has spent more time away from the White House than any president in recent history. Compared to former President Donald Trump, he’s doing really badly. Trump had spent only 70 days away from the White House, or around 25% of his time, and those trips were, for the most part, not personal trips back home.

Former President Barack Obama was only away 40 days out of 275, and George W. Bush was gone 84 days.

What exactly does President Joe Biden do with all this time off?