Joe Biden Reversing Donald Trump’s Top Order

( It might not sound like a big deal, but President Joe Biden is preparing to repeal yet another Trump-era rule designed to make life easier for Americans. The rule relates to dishwashers, and established an entirely different product class for dishwashers that are designed to wash and dry dishes within an hour.

It was a great free-market move, navigating around new efficiency standards and making life easier for businesses that need to be able to wash dishes quickly. However, environmental groups lost their mind and even sued the Trump administration over the decision, complaining that the new class of dishwashers were not restricted by energy and water consumption rules.

And now, the Department of Energy is preparing to repeal the rule and once again make life miserable for restaurants and food-related businesses who are already struggling during Biden’s economic downturn.

The Energy Department argues that the Trump administration didn’t follow the law when making the changes. It comes after the department already got to work undoing Trump’s change to the definition of a showerhead, which allowed showers to use more water and avoid water consumption rules.

Just like we expected, the Biden administration means more government getting in the way.

Joe Vukovich, a representative of the Natural Resources Defense Counsel, said that a decision to undo the Trump-era rules would constitute the reversal of “senseless action” by Trump, completely failing to recognize the benefit it had on businesses and homeowners.

Will Joe Biden not stop until he has undone every single good thing former President Donald Trump did in just four years?