Joe Biden Mumbles Incoherently In Shocking Video

( Check out this latest video of President Joe Biden seemingly completely unaware of what is going on and tripping over his lines.

This time, he was delivering a speech during a livestream from the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) headquarters about the Atlantic Hurricane Outlook and the preparedness efforts from FEMA.

In the clip you can see Biden trying to get through the pre-prepared words, but even without a real-life audience, he couldn’t keep up.

He started by repeating some lines about how it’s “not about red states and blue states” – a veiled effort to make himself appear as though he’s a president for everybody, despite regularly slamming Republicans as racists and extremists.

He continued by saying how it’s important for the United States to be ready with food, water, blankets, and shelter for those who need it. And then, he got confused.

“But, uh…there’s…you know…to be…you know…getting, uh, this effort, uh, for 2021 is uh, I think we’ve learned a few lessons from last year as well,” he said.

No, we can’t make any sense of that either.

It’s not like any of this is a secret, or something only Republicans can hear. Democrats can hear him making no sense, too, and they repeatedly choose to ignore it. Just how bad does the president need to get before the Democrats admit that his cognitive abilities might not be quite what they were?

The Biden administration also announced that they would double the existing size of FEMA’s budget.

Well, when over $2 trillion is on the table for infrastructure, what’s another $1 billion?

The move will allow FEMA to direct more resources to state and local government to assist in the building of sea walls or relocating homes in flood-prone areas. For once, it sounds like a sensible way to spend government money.