Joe Biden Incites War Over January 6th

( The White House has jumped in to try and save the failing efforts by the January 6 “investigation” by a House Select Committee, wrongly claiming that former President Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection in Washington, D.C.

Unpopular White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made the blatantly false claim during a press briefing on Tuesday, claiming that the “vast majority of Americans” believe that the former president “abused the office of the presidency” and “attempted to subvert a peaceful transfer of power.”

Where are the numbers on that one, Jen?

“The former president’s actions represented a unique and existential threat to our democracy that we don’t feel can be swept under the rug,” she egregiously claimed.

What happened to the “most transparent administration in history”? This isn’t the kind of thing a “transparent” administration does.

These are baseless lies.

Psaki claimed that White house counsel previously determined that White the constitutional protection of executive privilege shouldn’t be used to stop former Trump admin officials from giving testimony to the ultra-partisan committee. She also said that using this privilege to stop testimony to the ultra-partisan committee is an effort to “subvert the constitution.”

Has Jen Psaki ever told the truth about anything?

It comes after the former president’s lawyers issued a statement insisting that any former Trump administration official should not testify before the committee.

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon followed that advice and refused to comply with a subpoena, meaning he would not hand over sensitive documents or give testimony, in line with those protections from executive privilege.

The Select Committee is failing, and the White House is trying to save it.