Joe Biden Idiotically Tries To Blame Trump Over His Failure

( President Joe Biden really doesn’t want to take responsibility for the chaos he caused in Afghanistan, and during an exchange with Fox News firebrand reporter Peter Doocy on Thursday, he outrageously tried to pin this mess on former President Donald Trump.

Biden wrongly claimed that it was President Donald Trump’s deal that caused the ISIS-K attack on Kabul airport that very day, despite ISIS-K being opposed to any cooperation with American leaders no matter who is in charge at the time.

Biden offered to take a question from the “most interesting guy” he knows in the press, prompting Doocy to ask the president if he believes he “bears responsibility” for what happened. Biden admitted it, at least, but then moved on to talking about President Donald Trump’s deal with the Taliban – which he didn’t stick to.


Doocy then pointed out the inconvenient fact that no American service member has been killed in Afghanistan since 2020, and that there was at least some relative peace – compared to what we see today – during the Trump administration.

Biden got so tired of trying to avoid responsibility, and of Doocy’s questioning, that he then visibly nodded off, and placed his head on the microphone. Seriously, watch the video and see.

This is “leadership”?

Remember when Biden said “the buck stops with me”?