Joe Biden Claims He Visited Factory In Person Recently. It Wasn’t In Person It. It Wasn’t Recently

( It’s hard at this point to tell when President Joe Biden is being senile, or being purposely dishonest…and during an event in La Crosse, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, we had another one of thOse moments.

As the president was delivering remarks about the progress being made on a bipartisan “Infrastructure” bill – and yes, we put “infrastructure” in quote marks for a reason – he told a number of lies.

The first lie he made is that the bipartisan legislation is a “great deal for the American people” – even though it’s very likely that the bill will end up with trillions of dollars being spent on non-infrastructure-related projects and that cash being recovered through taxes. He said that the deal will benefit people in red states and blue states, in yet another attempt to hide his tracks and make it appear as though he isn’t the most partisan president in American history.

Which, let’s face it, it’s looking increasingly as though he is.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he then went on to tell a blatant lie. He said that he visited a Proterra bus factory in person, when he absolutely did not.

As The Gateway Pundit points out – and proves with pictures – President Biden was actually sat on a chair in a sat while somebody else walked around the factory and showed him via live-feed.

He can’t even remember whether he visited a factory or not?

And yes, he did say he visited it in person.

“I was just at the factory down in the Carolinas and it is really amazing to see,” he said.

You can watch him say it here:

See? Painful.

This man won’t stop lying!