Joe Biden Called In For Last-Minute Campaigning For Democrat Governor

( President Joe Biden is expected to turn out to campaign for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe this week…which poses the question:

Do Democrats really think that Joe Biden is popular enough to actually help candidates running for office?

Biden technically won the state last year by 10 points, but that doesn’t take into consideration the fact that widespread election fraud and misconduct was heavily documented in the last election, and Biden’s popularity is plummeting by the day. If McAuliffe thinks that having the president campaign with him will help him defeat Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin – who is hot on his tails – then this week could teach him a difficult lesson.

As it standards, the candidates are completely neck and neck in the state. A poll by Monmouth University has put the candidates at 46% each – and with the election taking place on November 2, there isn’t much time for the Democratic candidate to turn this thing around.

Youngkin is at a natural disadvantage as his opponent, McAuliffe, previously held the office of Virginia governor.

The last time President Joe Biden turned out to campaign for McAuliffe in Virginia was in July. Back then, Biden’s approval rating was above 50%.

But now, with a crisis on the southern border, inflation causing the cost of gas and food to skyrocket, and with no positive action taken since stepping foot in the White House, Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted to 42.8%.

That’s bad. Really bad.

Biden is expected to headline a rally for McAuliffe on Tuesday evening. Let’s see how many people turn out for that…

Even if it does take place in Democrat-leaning northern Virginia, there’s no telling whether people will actually feel motivated enough to turn out for one of the least popular and most controversial presidents in American history.