Joe Biden Admits Kill Lists May Have Been Given To Taliban Under His Watch

( President Joe Biden was forced to admit that he put American lives in danger by handing over a kill list to the Taliban. It came after details emerged about the federal government handing over a list of known American citizens and Green Card holders in Afghanistan to the Taliban – including biometric data like eye scans and fingerprints.

Politico first noted the list, now commonly referred to as the “kill list,” and it prompted journalists to ask the president whether it was true that it had been handed over.

President Biden had no doubt been briefed about the list, and the sheer horror among journalists and the American people, and therefore refused to flat-out admit that it happened – but he didn’t deny it. And he did give himself room to maneuver.

Following suicide bombings outside of the Kabul international airport, Biden said that he cannot say “with any certitude” that a list of names had been handed over, but added that “there may have been” and that he isn’t saying that it doesn’t exist.

“That very well could have happened,” the president admitted.

Translation: it happened.

Former President Donald Trump has been far more upfront about the situation in Afghanistan, however. Not only has the former president offered advice to President Biden – suggesting that he should blow up the forts and remaining military equipment in Afghanistan – but he has also heavily criticized the decision to hand over lists of Americans in Afghanistan who now become targets.

Trump said in a recent interview with Fox News that the lists make it easy for the Taliban to just “knock on the door and grab them and take them out.”

Trump also predicted that what we are seeing right now is just the beginning and that it is likely to get worse.

Let’s hope it doesn’t.