Joe Biden Admits He’s Shocked By Skyrocketing Gas Prices

( President Joe Biden seemed to think he was back on the campaign trail during a speech last Wednesday, in which he complained about the price of gas and other products – apparently forgetting that he’s the president and the skyrocketing prices are a result of his policies.

After he gave a speech at the Port of Baltimore about the so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure bill, which will be signed into law on Monday, the president complained about the massive rates of inflation Americans are experiencing recently.

He spoke for a little while about how people are apparently going to McDonalds to get access to high-speed internet, which appeared to be a defense of his infrastructure plan that will allegedly improve access to the Internet nationwide.

He then went on to wrongly claim that the bill would “ease inflationary pressure” and begin “lowering the cost to working families” – but he didn’t explain how that would work. Instead, he just cited some Democrat-friendly economists who have made the claim.

And then, he started complaining.

“Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?” he asked.

“In some parts of California, they’re paying $4.50 a gallon,” he added.

Yes. And they weren’t a year ago, were they?

And what’s worse – that’s not even the full extent of the problem. There are actually regions in California that are already paying more than $7 per gallon. Again – they weren’t paying that during the Trump administration.

Did the president forget that this is exactly the kind of thing he is responsible for?

The president told a number of lies during the speech, either directly or indirectly. One of his more indirect lies was a claim that the number of container ships spending more than nine days in the docks has dropped by more than 20% over the past week – but he didn’t mention the fact that there was a record number of shops (some 111 of them) seen floating outside of the ports and waiting to dock.