Joe Biden Admin. Slammed By Iran After Negotiations Collapse

( Extremist Iranian dictate, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday that his country will not accept any of the “stubborn” demands from the United States to bring back the failed 2015 “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. It comes as President Joe Biden attempts to bring Iran into compliance with the plan, and as Iran demands that the United States lifts all economic sanctions and guarantee that the pact will never again be abandoned.

Given that the United States is a democracy, no such promise can be made.

Appearing on state TV, the Jihadist leader said that Americans have “acted completely cowardly and maliciously.”

He complained about President Donald Trump “violating” the deal at no cost by simply exiting, and then criticized President Joe Biden for failing to give guarantees that it won’t happen again.

In response, a spokesperson from the United States Department of State said that President Biden’s administration and negotiating team have been “sincere and steadfast” in their efforts to promote “meaningful diplomacy” with Iran to encourage a return to compliance with the agreement.

That’s their mistake right there…it’s hard to have meaningful diplomacy with a country that wants to destroy the West in the name of radical religious ideals.

The sixth and most recent round of indirect discussions ended on June 20, with Iran still refusing to negotiate directly with the United States. The discussion ended after extremist cleric Ebrahim Raisi was elected as the next president of Iran. All parties involved I the discussions have not yet revealed a date for the negotiations to continue, and it doesn’t look positive that they will even happen.

The State Department said that the United States is willing to return to Vienna, where the discussions to take place, and is urging Iran to return as soon as possible to conclude the deal.

But what reason does Iran have, at this point, to even bother talking to Joe Biden…when they know he’ll eventually cave and lift the sanctions?