Jen Psaki’s Comments On Big Tech Backfire For White House

( It feels like we talk about White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki going too far way too often, but this time it’s particularly egregious – and has terrifying implications for the future of the United States.

On Friday, Psaki made the shocking claim during a press briefing that the Biden White House supports social media platforms permanently banning anybody from every single platform if they are suspended on one platform. It would mean anybody who is banned for being a conservative on Twitter would, in Biden’s ideal world, be banned from every other social media platform online.

During a discussion about what social media outlets should be doing to protect people and to avoid users spreading information that the White House doesn’t agree with, Psaki said that the platforms should create “robust enforcement strategies” that bridge different platforms and create “transparency about rules.”

She wants social media platforms to make it clear what you can and can’t say, and to explain the consequences to all users – specifically, that users will be permanently banned from all platforms if they don’t conform.

Don’t believe us?

See for yourself:

The horrifying comments come after Psaki said on Thursday that the Biden White House is flagging comments and posts made on social media and giving those posts to the social media giants in the expectation that they will take action on their behalf. She claimed that the White House is working with “doctors and medical experts” to ensure that only “trusted content” gets out there.

It sets a terrifying precedent and literally fits the definition of fascism…whereby big government works with big business to suppress freedom of speech.

It’s such a bad idea that even the soon-to-be editor of The Daily Beast, a far-left “news” outlet, slammed it.

“Um, F*ck no,” Noah Shactman said in response.

Other Twitter users, including big names, asked why the White House is deciding who should and should not be banned from social media.

Could the political left be finally waking up to the reality of big business using big business to achieve its goals?