Jen Psaki Says Election ID Laws Are Like “Civil War”

( During Monday’s press conference, Jen Psaki gave the White House reporters a rundown of what President Biden planned to say when he traveled to Philadelphia on Tuesday to rail against election integrity laws.

Unsurprisingly, Psaki told reporters that Biden sees election integrity laws as the “worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War.”

Which is rather odd since according to Joe Biden the three-hour melee at the Capitol on January 6 was the worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War.

It’s almost as if everything the Democrats oppose is worse than the Civil War.

Psaki has harsher words for Republican state legislators than she does for the Communist regime in Cuba. Then again, the Democrat Party’s only enemies aren’t found abroad, but here at home.

How state legislatures passing laws to protect the security and integrity of the election process could be considered “authoritarian” is anybody’s guess.

It’s astonishing that the White House is doubling down on this kind of over-the-top rhetoric.

Either Psaki and the White House are incredibly blind to reality or they know deep down that securing elections all but destroys the Democrats’ chances of maintaining power.

But sure enough. During his angry, demagogic speech in Philadelphia, Joe Biden stuck to the script Psaki outlines — calling election integrity laws “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.”

Strangely, after making this over-the-top hyperbolic claim, Biden added “That’s not hyperbole.”

What Biden said in that speech is the definition of hyperbole.

But he wasn’t done.

Biden also accused Georgia Republicans of passing a “vicious” and “racially discriminatory” election law. Interestingly, Biden never does explain what specific item in the law is “vicious” or racist – but that’s mostly because nothing is.

This man is a liar.

And of course, Biden also claimed, once again, that preserving the integrity of the election process to ensure every legitimate vote counts is just like Jim Crow.

Seventy-eight percent of the American people support requiring ID to vote.

But in the effort to pass the unconstitutional “For the People Act,” no lie is too over-the-top, no slander is off the table.

This is how serious the Democrats are about maintaining their power.