Jen Psaki Lashes Out At “Cuckoo” Reporters

( Remember when President Joe Biden actually held a press conference for once, just a few weeks ago? During the press conference, the president chose to answer a number of questions that his team didn’t authorize and…well…it didn’t go so well.

Biden stumbled over his words, got confused, and didn’t seem to know where he was at some points.

And now, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been forced to admit that the event was “unplanned” and veered into “cuckoo” territory.

Well, she’s not wrong…

Speaking to actor Rob Lowe on his “Literally!’ podcast, Psaki explained how the Biden press shop works.

At one point in the interview, Lowe asked Psaki about the press conference, which lasted almost two hours just last month.

“That was a long press conference…let’s face it, it was a long…” Lowe started saying, before Psaki interrupted and proudly stated that it was “record-breaking.”

It may well have been record-breaking in length, but what about content? That’s the important thing here, surely…

Lowe asked Psaki if she was pulling her hair out after she admitted that the president had a list of approved questions and had been told beforehand who he should and should not call to ask them.

“I’m a pretty chill person, I think people who work with me would say,” Psaki said. “But I think when some of the questions started to be off and cuckoo for cocoa puffs land there, I was thinking, oh my what? Where are we going with this?”

That’…not a good sign.

Jen Psaki literally just admitted Biden veered off into “cuckoo for cocoa puffs land” territory.

“But yes, there was a moment there where I was thinking, where is this going and where? What, who else is going to be called on in this room?” she added.

She may not realize it, but Psaki just made the American people even less confident in President Joe Biden’s ability to run the country…at a time when people really need leadership.