Jen Psaki Bursts Out Laughing As Questions Ramp Up During Interview

( President Joe Biden’s clear cognitive decline is something that even the media can’t ignore anymore.

And not only are they not ignoring it, but journalists are also actually pressing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on his clear inability to go off script and make coherent statements.

During an interview with Fox News host Dana Perino, the press secretary laughed uncomfortably when she was asked how she felt when the president went off script and continued his marathon press conference for 30 minutes longer than originally planned.

Biden told reporters that he was willing to continue the press conference for a further 20 minutes, surprising his staff who he often says won’t allow him to answer certain questions.

“When the president said, looks at his watch and says, I guess I’ll go another twenty-four minutes, I’m curious what your exact heart rate was at that time,” Perino asked.

Psaki looked visibly awkward. She probably knows better than anybody how much of a handful the president is, particularly with regards to his notorious ability to “f*ck things up,” as former President Barack Obama once said.

“I’m a pretty chill person in general. I may not always seem that way in the briefing room, but I will say I knew, I watched and I knew he was having a good time,” Psaki responded.

The truth is, though, that Biden came across like a rambling maniac. It was so bad that, of course, the Republican Party is using it as a campaign ad.

Psaki has to be worried about this man…

Watch the interaction between Perino and Psaki here.