Jen Psaki Attacks Reporter For Asking “Wrong” Question

( Brian Stelter, professional potato and anchor for propaganda news outlet CNN, asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki how the media can better represent the Biden administration during a bizarre interview on Sunday.

After introducing Psaki, who was previously a CNN contributor, Stelter asked the notoriously incapable press secretary what the media could to give the White House an easier ride.

Specifically, he asked Psaki what the press “gets wrong.” He said that press secretaries face unique challenges and that Psaki will be responsible for communication about election reform and infrastructure.

When he says “election reform,” really he means the loosening of checks and measures designed to ensure that only eligible people cast votes in an election.

Psaki seemed delighted to get such an easy question, and Stelter’s podgy, weird face looked equally thrilled that he got a chance to ask it.

Let’s be honest – even Fox News’ most conservative anchors, like Tucker Carlson, would never give such an easy ride to Republicans. Carlson has gone up against Governor Kristi Noem and countless other popular conservative figures.

Can CNN call itself a news outlet at this point?

Of course, Stelter was slammed online for his obviously political reporting.

Nicholas Fondacaro of Newsbusters said that he was “bootlicking.”

Conservative commentator Erik Soderstrom said that it was a “subservient, obsequious” question and that Stelter was “groveling” to the Democrats.

The Democrats say a lot about the so-called “right-wing media,” but can you recall a single time that a conservative-leaning news anchor, on a major television news channel, asking the press secretary how they can better serve the White House?

This has to be against some kind of journalistic ethics rules for a network as major as CNN…