Jared Kushner Ready To Talk To January 6th Committee

(PresidentialInsider.com)- One member of the Trump extended family is apparently ready to talk to the House’s special committee that’s investigating the January 6 attacks at the U.S. Capitol building.
Jared Kushner, former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and a close adviser during the Trump administration, could speak with members of the House committee at some point this week virtually, ABC News has reported.
Kushner wasn’t at the White House on that infamous day, but investigators believe he has the ability to provide some context about how the events on that day eventually happened.
On January 6, 2021, Kushner was flying back from Saudi Arabia to Washington, D.C. Despite being in the air at the time the attacks were going on, Kushner was apparently well aware of what was going on, according to the book “Betrayal,” which was written by Jonathan Karl, the chief Washington correspondent for ABC News.
After his plane landed, Kushner didn’t go to the White House because he assumed that doing so would lead to an argument with the president, the book says.
Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, was asked to give a voluntary testimony to the House panel. She hasn’t complied with that request yet, but apparently, there are ongoing negotiations to try to make that happen.
Ivanka’s team has consistently said she “did not speak at the January 6 rally.” Still, Keith Kellogg, the ex-acting national security adviser, said she was at the White House that day and was trying to diffuse the whole situation.
Those efforts were chronicled in detail in the book “Peril,” which was written by reporter Bob Woodward. Excerpts of that book read:
“She could reach her father in ways others could not. She could talk to him as a daughter.”
But, according to the book, Ivanka’s efforts to convince her father to do something about the attacks didn’t go as she would’ve liked. After she walked out of the Oval Office, the book says:
“Kellogg immediately recognized the look on her face.”
Thus far, it hasn’t been reported what information Kushner might have about the day’s events, or Trump’s involvement in them, beyond what the House investigating committee has already gotten from other sources.
At the very least, it could just be an attempt to drive a wedge between the Trump family and have them turn on each other. Following Trump leaving the White House in January of 2021, though, Kushner and Ivanka have seemingly distanced themselves from the administration in many ways — even though they were integral parts of it.
Most of the former president’s closest allies have refused to fully comply with subpoenas issued to them by the House committee. Some have even been charged with criminal contempt of Congress for not doing so.
Many of these allies have claimed executive privilege, a move that President Joe Biden has refused to grant to any of them.
For now, it appears as though Kushner intends to comply voluntarily with the House committee. What he actually gives them is anyone’s guess at this point.