January 6th Preparing Next Steps For Donald Trump

After former President Donald Trump defied the subpoena requiring him to appear for a deposition last Monday, the House January 6 select committee is considering its next steps, including pursuing contempt of Congress charges.

In a statement posted on Twitter last week, the committee announced that the former president had “refused to comply” with Monday’s deposition appearance and his attorneys haven’t made any attempt to “negotiate an appearance.”

The statement blasted Trump’s lawsuit challenging the subpoena, claiming it “parades out many of the same arguments that courts have rejected repeatedly.”

In its statement, the committee accused Trump of orchestrating a “scheme to overturn” the 2020 presidential election and block the peaceful transfer of power. It stated that Trump was “obligated to provide answers to the American people.”

The committee said it would now “evaluate next steps in the litigation” and Trump’s “noncompliance.” Last month, the committee sent Trump a subpoena compelling him to submit the documents requested by November 4 and appear before the committee starting on November 14.

The panel later granted him an extension on submitting the documents. On November 14, Committee chair Bennie Thompson and his backup dancer Liz Cheney released a joint statement accusing Trump of trying to hide from the committee’s investigation.

In the statement, they note that the former president had “initially suggested” that he would be willing to testify. However, since then, Trump has filed a lawsuit “asking the courts to protect him from giving testimony.”

They said Trump, like his “closest allies,” is “hiding” from the investigation while “refusing to do what more than a thousand other witnesses have done.”

In an interview with the New York Times, Thompson said one option being considered is pursuing contempt of Congress against the former president, adding “we’ll have to wait and see.”

But first, Thompson told the Times, the committee will have to address Trump’s lawsuit. After that, “we’ll decide the path forward.”