Ivanka Trump Rushes To The Hospital

Ivanka Trump shared a post on Instagram recently saying she had had to rush her young son to the hospital because he’d broken his wrist. “This week I received a call from the school nurse that every parent dreads,” she wrote. The former President’s daughter then described how an ambulance collected her 6-year-old son Theo and took him to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. She said it was a “bad break”, but he had been well cared for by the hospital. Herson had received two ice pops after his treatment and told his mother he was enjoying the best day ever!

Representatives from the hospital responded to Trump’s message saying they were privileged to care for Theo. They also thanked her for the donation she’d made to show her gratitude.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is the pediatric unit of Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. It was opened in 1992 by baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. Memorial Healthcare System President & CEO Frank V. Sacco told the Yankee Clipper that no child would ever be denied healthcare because their parents couldn’t pay. Since it opened, it has grown from a single floor in Hollywood Memorial Regional Hospital toa large free-standing facility and one of the biggest pediatric units in Florida.

In 2022, the 24-hour unit underwent a major makeover at a cost of $166 million. The size of the hospital doubled in size to 400,000 square feet and will offer new treatments and programs. These will include new and innovative technology that provides Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in real time. This technology will allow doctors to perform MRI brain scans during surgery. Dr. Daxa Patel, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, said, “It’s a second pair of eyes and tells you if you got the efficient outcomes for your surgery.”

In February, the hospital teamed up with the Miami Marlins Foundation to provide opportunities for local children to play baseball. Tony Milian, the administrative director, said it was a great venture to teach children to develop a love of the sport.