Israel Kills Top Palestine Military Leader

( Amid a flurry of rockets and terror attacks directed at Israel in recent weeks from Hamas militants in Palestine, Israel has reportedly killed a senior Palestinian commander in heavy airstrikes. It comes as left-wing activists across the United States and United Kingdom protest in “solidarity” with Islamists in Palestine, claiming that Israel is unfairly targeting the state with rocket attacks.

But Israel’s Iron Dome missile interception system has been working in overdrive since the beginning of the months. Hostilities in the region are worse than they have been in years, and many Republicans – including former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley – s have speculated that Hamas is testing U.S. President Joe Biden to see whether he would throw his weight behind America’s ally.

Hussam Abu Harbeed, the Islamist commander for north Gaza, was killed by Israel in response to fresh attacks on Israel. In a statement, Israel’s military said that Harbeed was “behind several anti-tank missile terror attacks against Israeli civilians” and that they could would continue the fight against Islamists “forever.”

On Monday, at least three Palestinians were killed by an airstrike from Israel on a car in Gaza City. It followed some 60 rockets that were fired into Israel the night before. The night before that, 120 rockets were fired at Israel, and the night before that, 200 rockets were fired at Israel.

The only difference is that Israel has the technology to intercept the rockets with its Iron Dome system.

Republican Senator for Texas, Ted Crus, said on Tuesday that President Joe Biden must take “swift action to refill Israel’s stockpiles of Iron Dome.”

But that seems unlikely.

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that “all sides” in the conflict should work to protect citizens and bring the conflict to an end, seemingly unaware that the conflict – as ever – is being initiated by Islamists who don’t recognize the state of Israel.

Does that sound like America defending Israel to you?

Under the Biden administration, those days appear to be over.