Israel Builds “Game Changer” Wall

( As the United States loses total control over its southern border with Mexico, Israel is doing precisely the opposite.

Newsmax Jerusalem correspondent Daniel Cohen confirmed last week that the U.S. ally has completed a huge 30-foot wall at the edge of the Gaza Strip, separating Israel from “Palestine” and protecting Israeli citizens from extremists and terrorists on the other side who are seeking the end of Israel and plotting to wipe Jews off the face of the earth.

The 40-mile-long wall covers the entirety of the length of the Gaza Strip and was built above ground and underground.

Cohen said that it is a “modern, technically advanced marvel” – and it sounds an awful lot like the kind of wall that was envisioned for the United States during the 2016 Trump campaign.

You know, the kind of wall that could have been built had RINOs not gotten in the way and stopped Trump from getting construction started sooner.

Cohen said that the wall is equipped with all kinds of sensors, including radar and cameras, and even has remote-controlled weaponry designed to be activated and even used at a distance. He explained that the barrier stops people who try to cross above and below ground, and that it was designed and developed in response to the Hamas terrorists’ use of tunnels.

Since 2014, tunnels have been used to blindside troops, and to send innocent children and animals across the border wearing detonation vests.

In a ceremony on Tuesday that celebrated the completion of the wall, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that the project is a “creative, technological project of the first order” and that it will deny Hamas one of its main modes of attacking Israel.

Some 1,200 workers worked on the wall, removing 330,000 trucks full of dirt, sand, and rocks. It’s made of 2 million cubic meters of concrete, and sounds like exactly the kind of wall Trump should work on the moment he enters the White House again…presuming he decides to run again in 2024.