Iran Handed Its “Last Chance” By The UK

( President Joe Biden still seems to think that Iran will eventually come back to the negotiating table and come to an agreement over the failed Iran Nuclear Deal – but it looks as though the United Kingdom knows better.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned on Wednesday, during an audience at Chatham House, that negotiations are about to resume in Vienna and that this is truly a “last chance” for Iran to sign back up to the deal.

“And I strongly urge them to do that because we are determined to work with our allies to prevent Iran from securing nuclear weapons,” she said.

Last week, Iranian officials reluctantly returned to Vienna where they are engaging in “indirect talks” with the United States – which effectively means they’re not talking to the United States at all, but European leaders instead.

However, it’s not looking good for Joe Biden. Iranian officials used the meetings to denounce “almost all of the compromises” that have been struck over the last six rounds of discussions, and have since replaced those agreements with new maximalist statements and an insistence that the United States must lift new sanctions on Iran that were imposed during the Trump administration.

A senior official from the State Department said last week that Iran has ramped up its demands, insisting that sanctions be removed and making new demands that go well beyond the scope of the original Iran deal.

Europe knows Iran is getting tough, the UK knows Iran is getting tough, and let’s face it…Joe Biden is probably going to cave.