Iran Deploys Troops To Syria

( Iran has reportedly deployed training drones into Syria with the aim of booting pro-government forces in the region. The news comes from the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

According to the organization. Iranian officers are training pro-government soldiers to operate five drones that were recently purchased with the express purpose of monitoring the region. The group added that the training is taking place at a farm, where some 25 soldiers are learning how to use the equipment.

The news is particularly interesting given the United States’ announcement last month that two Iranian drones had been shot down after attacking Iraq’s Erbil airport. It’s just the latest in a long string of attacks against the Kurdish region which began on September 11. And while those initial strikes in September didn’t cause any injuries or damage to buildings, Col. Wayne Marotto of the American Operation Inherent Resolve – which aims to defeat Islamic State fighters in the region – the strikes reveal Iran’s increasing interest in using unmanned weapons.

Douglas Barrie, a representative of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, also indicated that Iran’s growing interest in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) make it easier for Iranian forces to reduce loss. He said that if the drone gets shot down, then all they have effectively lost is a radio-controlled aircraft – not fighters, and not multi-million-dollar weapons.

Barrie also explained how drones may be used to support regional Iranian proxies, from the Houthi rebels in Yemen to Hamas in Gaza.

Great. Just as the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism adapts to modern warfare technology, we have a president who is barely capable of dealing with problems at home. Can we really count on President Joe Biden to fully address this?