Ilhan Omar Says Trump Will Be “Impeached”

( Far-left Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who is widely criticized for her anti-Semitic comments and sluts, said on Friday that President Donald Trump will be impeached before Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20.

It’s just the latest in a four-year-long obsessive hate campaign from Congressional Democrats who can’t stand conservatives having a voice.

“He will be impeached,” Omar said.

“Justice will be served. Thank you to the millions who responded to this attack on our democracy. Thank you to the hundreds of members who heard their calls,” she added.

Omar didn’t describe what she meant by “Justice,” but by any objective definition of the word, impeaching a legitimately elected president just days before the inauguration of a new president out of pure spite is not “justice.”

Omar was one of many Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans who used the sad end to Wednesday’s protest, which saw a small group of troublemakers engaging in violence in the Capitol building, to push for Trump’s impeachment. It appeared as though it was a coordinated effort to destroy Trump’s legacy in the final days of his presidency.

David French and Jonah Goldberg, two so-called “conservatives,” also called for Trump to be removed.

They even said the president should be banned from ever holding public office again.

Doesn’t that just sound like…revenge?

President Trump has less than two weeks to fight for his presidency and to stop radical Democrats impeaching him and removing him from office just days before Joe Biden takes the White House.

Looks like we’re in for a bumpy four years.