Ilhan Omar Now Pushing For America To Be Flooded With Immigrants, Using Afghanistan As Excuse

( The odious Ilhan Omar was permitted to pen an op-ed at CNN’s website urging the US to take in tens of thousands of Afghan refugees.

After prattling on endlessly about America opening its doors to refugees like her, Omar lauded Biden for evacuating “over 70,000 people” from Afghanistan, but urged him to take even more. But it isn’t even enough for this alleged US Representative to demand America take in the population of Afghanistan, she also urged “our NATO allies and neighboring countries” to do it too.

But wait! There’s more.

In addition to Afghanistan, Omar wants the US to relocate the people of Central America to the United States as well. There’s a “climate emergency,” don’t you know. So let’s just pack up Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico and relocate them here.

Omar demands that the US cap on refugees be lifted, and Congress increase funding so all these refugees can come to America and become wards of the state.

Omar closes her insane op-ed by plagiarizing Kamala Harris.

Of all the people to plagiarize, this is who she picks? Then again, nobody ever claimed Ilhan Omar was especially bright.

In her closing paragraph, Omar waxes on about that “little girl huddled in a refugee camp” then adds, “I know, because that little girl was me.”

How long before she prints up T-shirts to sell at her campaign website?

Fact is, if the best argument Ilhan Omar can come up with to demand the US to fling open our borders and let the third world come rushing in is, “Hey, I got to do it,” that’s not a particularly convincing argument.

Why would the American people want more Ilhan Omars in America? Omar was given the greatest opportunity in the world – a chance to live in freedom in the greatest nation on Earth. And what became of her?

She despises this country with every fiber of her being.

Not content to live in freedom, Omar is hell-bent on completely destroying the very foundation of the United States of America – the foundation that made this country a place in which people around the world long to live.