Ilhan Omar Called A “Terrorist Sympathizer” By Lauren Boebert

( In her new memoir, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert describes Squaddie Ilhan Omar as a “terrorist sympathizer” who “consistently spewed anti-American and anti-Jewish rhetoric.”

She’s not wrong.

But the same media people who spent nearly four years running interference for Ilhan Omar’s repeated anti-Semitic remarks and her questionable links to Hamas-linked organizations, are up in arms that Boebert would say such a thing in her memoir. Especially after they tried so hard to shame her into silence the last time she referred to Ilhan Omar as a terrorist sympathizer.

In one chapter of her memoir, Boebert slams the Leftists who compare the 3-hour riot at the Capitol to the 9/11 terrorist attacks while simultaneously turning a blind eye to domestic terror groups like Antifa. She points out that “Minneapolis’s own congressional representative” (AKA Omar) “has long been a terrorist sympathizer.”

She noted Omar’s horrifying speech to the Hamas-linked group CAIR in 2019 when she dismissed the 9/11 attack as “some people did something.”

Naturally, the media is repeating the claim that Boebert’s comments in her memoir are “Islamophobic.”

Ilham Omar can call Republican lawmakers “traitors,” “domestic terrorists,” or “insurrectionists,” but no Republican lawmaker is ever allowed to point out that Ilhan Omar has a soft spot for Islamic terror groups abroad and domestic terror groups at home.

The Left despises Lauren Boebert because she cannot be shut down simply by portraying Ilhan Omar as a victim while screeching “Islamophobe!” It makes them absolutely crazy that their attacks roll off Boebert like rain on a duck’s back.

But they’ll never stop trying.

Lauren Boebert’s memoir, “My American Life” was released last week.

It features a foreword by Republican Senator Ted Cruz.