Hunter Biden Smoked Crack On Video That Was Paid For By Joe Biden

( Only a few short weeks after he pleaded with his father to foot the bill for a rehabilitation facility, a new video that was taken from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” showed him sitting in a sensory deprivation tank and using crack from a pipe.

The clip, which was filmed in January 2019 at the Blue Water Wellness Centre in Massachusetts, was obtained by the Daily Mail. Inside the tank, Biden is also seen enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

He then proceeded to video himself once more, sitting in the tank naked while he played with his genitalia and appeared to be in a highly obliterated state.

Hunter contacted his father begging for financial assistance to pay for the therapy and household bills. Alimony was confirmed by the text messages that were recovered on the laptop.

In response to Hunter’s pleads, Joe Biden texted that he would send $75,000 to Hunter to cover the therapy cost.

Texts obtained afterward revealed that a few days later, Hunter requested an additional $20,000 to finance a detoxification treatment at a “sober house.” His father again gave the impression that he would comply with his request by answering- Just phoned Mel. He will get 20 added to your account this afternoon or tomorrow morning. When the transfer is complete, he will get in touch with me.

On the first of the new year, 2019, Hunter sent a message to a lady he seemed to be friendly with, telling her that “my dad is paying for everything I need.”

The most recent video was released after the press secretary for the White House declined to address questions about the laptop and a voicemail that Joe Biden placed on Hunter’s phone, in which he appeared to discuss business deals with China.

According to recent investigations of the first son, Hunter Biden and a firm he headed made close to $11 million from their dubious business operations when his father was vice president.

In addition, an NBC News investigation discovered that President Biden’s scandal-plagued son spent more than $200,000 per month between October 2017 and February 2018 on lavish hotel stays, Porsche vehicle payments, dental work, and erroneous bank transfers.

And hookers.