Hunter Biden-Linked Chinese Firm Stocks Up On Gas As Prices Skyrocket

( As President Joe Biden continues to undermine the energy independence the United States was enjoying under the Trump administration, oil and gas companies in China – linked to the son of the president, Hunter Biden – are ramping up production to record levels and making more profit than ever.

Sinopec, which is also known as the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, is making big money from the United States right now. The company is owned and run by the Chinese Communist Party, and the Sinopec Marketing Company, which is a “fully-owned subsidiary” of the company, recently saw a huge $1 billion investment from BHR Partners, a private equity firm which Hunter Biden has a stake in.

Hunter Biden reportedly still owns a 10% stake in the company, despite claiming he would end the investment during the presidential campaign, and then reaffirming that commitment after his father became the president. A year later, that investment remains – and it will probably never change.

According to a press release from the energy firm, a new record-breaking natural gas storage facility is being built – a huge win for the Chinese Communist Party and likely a new major money-making investment.

“Sinopec Puts Largest Gas Storage Cluster in North China into Operation,” the press release reveals, outlining how the 10.03 billion cubic meters storage space will be increased by a further 1.116 billion cubic meters very soon.

The press release explains how Sinopec is continuing to accelerate the construction of new gas storage facilities, and continues to improve gas storage and peak shaving capabilities in China.

With China breaking records for the production quantity of fuel, and President Joe Biden doubling down on relying on foreign nations for energy, it raises many questions – one of which being, “Does Hunter Biden and the Biden family business have anything to do with this?”