Hunter Biden Investigator Reveals How The Money Trails Are Connected

( New York Post reporter Miranda Devine appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning to discuss the recent revelations about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and Joe Biden’s involvement.

Devine, who authored the best-seller “Laptop from Hell” about Hunter’s abandoned laptop discussed the reports that detail Joe Biden’s meetings with Hunter and his business partners after overseas business trips.

She said the circumstantial evidence found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop “put the lie” to the president’s frequent denials that he had any knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business deals.

While campaigning in Iowa back in 2019, Biden was asked by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy how many times he spoke with Hunter about his foreign business deals.

Biden told Doocy that he never spoke to Hunter about any overseas business dealings.

This was Biden’s go-to response throughout the 2020 presidential campaign.

Devine added, “You have to follow the money.”

She said tens of millions of dollars from foreign countries including Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Romania, and Ukraine “flowed into the Biden bank accounts.” The question is, Devine added, “what was this money for?”

Watch Devine’s interview HERE.