Hunter Biden Criminal Investigation Could Happen Any Day As Situation Heats Up

( The ongoing probe into Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, is ramping up. Hunter is the subject of a federal criminal investigation. As prosecutors seek crucial grand jury testimony, fresh evidence suggests the president himself may be involved in his son’s plot.

Hunter Biden has been the subject of a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice since 2018. The fact-finding focused on money laundering, tax fraud, and violations of foreign lobbying regulations, among other things.

The inquiry focused on whether Hunter used his father’s position in the US government to gain millions of dollars in fraudulent international business agreements over the previous decade. Hunter appears to have abused his father’s access to get meetings and cut deals, according to evidence.

Investigators and the general public are wondering if President Biden was involved in Hunter’s schemes or, at the very least, was aware of the situation.

Joe Biden’s status appears to have aided his son in securing deals. The president accompanied Hunter on a trip to Asia on Air Force Two when he was vice president. Hunter was seeking to build a private equity business. Hunter obtained a highly sought-after Chinese business license, allowing him to open a fund there. Americans usually do not have inroads of this kind.

Hunter then landed a million-dollar-a-year job with a Ukrainian energy business in 2014, despite having no prior expertise in the industry. Vice President Joe Biden was in charge of America’s Ukraine policy.

So far, the President has denied any involvement in any of those agreements, but recent information also appears to connect him in other ways.


For example, a text message from Hunter in 2019 that was determined to be bona fide showed him lamenting that he had to pay his father “half his income.”

According to the DOJ probe, a 2017 email from one of Hunter Biden’s business associates outlines the allocation of shares in the previous Chinese firm, adding “10 owned by H for the big man,” according to the DOJ probe.

The grand jury investigating Hunter sat bolt upright when they saw this email. They allegedly asked at least one confidential witness to divulge the identity of “the big man.”

While the President has tried to avoid discussing the topic, his administration has always denied that he was involved in the alleged conspiracy.

The President has always maintained that his son didn’t break the law, according to Ron Klain, the current White House Chief of Staff.

Klain coyly characterizes these matters as private affairs.

But according to a new report from Fox News, Klain himself has previously asked Hunter Biden for money. In 2012, Klain reportedly emailed Hunter asking for help raising $20,000 for the Vice President’s Residence Foundation, a group that furnishes the Vice President’s residence. Klain reportedly told Hunter that he wanted to “keep it low key” to prevent “bad pr.”

However, Klain’s hands are not completely clean.  Klain allegedly emailed Hunter in 2012, requesting assistance in raising $20,000 for the Vice President’s House Foundation, which provides furniture for the Vice President’s residence.

Klain told Hunter that he wanted to keep things under the radar to avoid bad optics.

But this was a “private matter.”