Huma Abedin Says Senator Sexually Harassed Her

( In her new memoir due out next week, Huma Abedin alleges that a sitting United States Senator once made an unwanted pass at her more than a decade ago when she was working as an aide to then-Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

Why hasn’t she mentioned it before, you ask?

Well, according to Huma, she had plum forgotten all about it until she watched the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings-turned-circus in the fall of 2018.

Yeah, right.

According to the account in her upcoming memoir “Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds,” Abedin said the incident occurred after a dinner attended by a number of Senators and their aides. Her boss, Hillary Clinton, however, was not in attendance.

Abedin claims that she walked out of the dinner with one of the Senators and when they got to the front of his building, he invited her up for coffee. Once inside, the Senator told her to make herself comfortable on the couch, which she did. Then the Senator, Abedin recounts, took off his jacket and made the coffee.

She alleges that this unnamed Senator then “plopped down to my right” and put his arm around her shoulder. Then he kissed her, “pushing his tongue in my mouth” as he pressed her back on the couch.

Abedin writes that she was shocked by what he did and pushed him away, adding “all I wanted was for the last 10 seconds to be erased.”

The mysterious unnamed Senator, Abedin alleges, then apologized for what he did, adding that he “misread” her. He then asked her if she wanted to stay, which Abedin refused. She claims she told him she was sorry, then walked out. After that, she avoided him for several days, but remained on friendly terms with him.

In her memoir, Abedin explains that the incident remained buried in her memory until Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault. Then presto! It all came flooding back.

Then she sat on it for three years in order to include the salacious details in a memoir in hopes of goosing up her book sales.