Huma Abedin Gets Book Deal

( Huma Abedin, long-time companion to Hillary Clinton and longsuffering wife of sexting pervert Anthony Weiner has a new book coming out.

Just what Americans have been clamoring for.

Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds, due out in early November, is a memoir telling Huma’s “inspiring story” growing up as an American Muslim. According to her publisher, Scribner, Huma’s book “grapples” with “family, legacy, identity, faith, marriage and motherhood.”

And, yes, it will also feature Huma, in her own words, recounting her long relationship with Hillary from Clinton’s time as First Lady to her 2016 election loss. In addition to that most important relationship in her life, Abedin’s book will also include, according to Scribner, “a candid and moving reckoning” of her marriage to Weiner.

In a statement about her forthcoming memoir, Abedin said that she was always viewed “through the lens of others, a refraction of someone else’s pronoun. ‘They’ as in the parents who raised me; ‘she’ as in the woman I worked for; and ‘he’ as in the man I married.”

That’s quite a self-centered and navel-gazing way of describing the old saying “no man is an island.”

But because she is nothing but a “refraction of someone else’s pronoun,” Abedin wanted to pen a memoir that allowed her to “reflect on my own life.”

Despite the lofty words, it bears repeating that Huma’s book will cover the story of “they” – her parents; “she” — the woman she worked for; and, of course, “he” — her pervy, soon-to-be ex-husband.

But Abedin sees this memoir as a chance to define herself – something most people are capable of doing without writing a memoir. Then again, what are the chances Huma would say the memoir is her opportunity to get a hefty advance from Scribner.

And while she has kicked the dust of that pervy husband off her feet, Huma is still thick as thieves with Hillary – currently serving has Mrs. Clinton’s “chief of staff” – something all private citizens have.

Abedin hitched her wagon to Hillary way back in 1996 when, while a student at George Washington University, she landed an internship working with then-First Lady Clinton. Huma’s been by her side ever since – even to the point where Hillary often refers to her as her “second daughter.”