Hulu Scrubs “Blackface” Episodes Of…Scrubs

( Remember Scrubs? It’s the American comedy show that focuses on the medical career of a young intern called John Dorian, or JD. It was wildly popular in the early 2000s, and to this day remains a popular throwback show that still airs on TV networks. But now it’s canceled.

Or at least, some episodes are canceled.

Hulu, one of the biggest streaming services in the United States, has deleted three episodes from its streaming platform because of instances where characters dressed in blackface.

The episodes that include blackface weren’t malicious, either. One example comes from the episode “My Friend the Doctor” in Season 3, and the other two episodes, “My Chopped Liver” and “My Jiggly Ball” were from Season 5. In all instances, actor Zach Braff who plays JD, along with Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke, wear blackface at some point throughout the show.

In one episode. JD appears wearing blackface while Donald Faison who plays his best friend wears whiteface. It is clearly not malicious and was done for comic effect because both look completely ridiculous.

It’s a comedy show, and they were nothing but jokes made by people who have never exhibited racist opinions or behavior – but Hulu decided to remove the episodes. If you want to catch the clips before they get wiped from the Internet, you can find them below.

The person who raised the issue in the first place was, amazingly, the creator of the show. Bill Lawrence tweeted on June 23 that the removal of the episodes was “already in the works,” meaning it was planned even before people pointed out the instances of blackface in the show.

Scrubs is just one of a number of TV shows being scrubbed from online streaming platforms. In the United Kingdom, popular (and legendary!) sketch comedy show Little Britain was removed in its entirety because of several examples of two white comedians, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, portraying people of all races and ethnicities.

It remains unclear whether the scenes will be removed, or whether the episodes will be completely wiped leaving people wondering what happened when they skip to the next episode.