Howard Stern Says Will Smith Has “Mental Illness”

( After Will Smith’s now-infamous slap at Sunday’s Academy Awards show when he walked up on stage during Chris Rock’s routine and smacked him in the face, talk radio host Howard Stern suggested that Smith must be suffering from mental illness.

Or, Will Smith is just a jerk.

Stern explained on his Monday broadcast that a lack of impulse control is a sign of “great mental illness.” Saying he was disturbed by the incident, Stern said Chris Rock’s joke was hardly insulting, nor was a particularly good joke.

Maybe it wasn’t a good joke. But Will Smith still laughed at it when Chris Rock said it. It was only after his wife Jada gave the stink-eye that Smith decided it was offensive.

Stern said the “G.I. Jane” joke was “beneath Chris Rock,” but added that from Smith’s reaction to it, it appeared to Stern he’s “a guy who’s got real issues.” He said it’s crazy that Smith didn’t think twice about walking on stage and striking Rock.

Stern also went to bat for Chris Rock, calling him a “gentle soul” who was just trying to do his job whereas Will Smith was “clearly insane.”

It also bothered Stern that nobody at the Oscars bothered to intervene. Instead, they just let Will Smith stay in his seat near the stage for the rest of the ceremony. “What he did,” Stern said, “was he just assaulted Chris Rock.”

Stern also managed to find a way to drag Donald Trump into it, because of course he did. To Stern, Will Smith acting like a jerk at the Oscars is “how Trump gets away with sh*t.” He added that Will Smith and Donald Trump are the “same guy.”

How many times has Donald Trump hit someone for telling a joke? Zero?

Yeah, they’re exactly the same, Howard.

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