How to Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote

( – Every two years, there are federal elections across the United States. Unfortunately, voter participation in the country is not as high as it should be. For example, according to the Census Bureau, only 53% of registered voters turned out and cast ballots during the 2018 midterms. Although that turnout was the highest for a midterm in four decades, it’s still depressingly low.

Of course, vast swaths of registered voters aren’t the only people who aren’t voting. There are millions of eligible voters who have not even registered. But how do they go about getting themselves on the voter rolls?

How to Register

There are several ways to register to vote. The easiest way is to go online and see if your state allows online registrations. Visit and enter your state. The site will then direct you to a page with all of the voter registration information for your area.

You can also visit your local Supervisor of Elections’ office and register to vote in person. That’s convenient because you can also ask questions, if you have any.

Do you have any business you need to take care of at the Department or Bureau of Motor Vehicles? While you’re waiting there — for several hours — find out if you can register to vote. Like Florida, some states allow citizens to register while they’re filling out other paperwork.

What If You’re Already Registered?

Suppose you believe you’ve already registered to vote. In that case, you can visit the “can I vote” portal on the National Association of Secretaries of State website and check your status. Follow the appropriate prompts, and you should find out in a few minutes.

Participating in our democracy is incredibly important. Voting is the easiest and most effective way to do that.

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