Hillary Clinton’s ‘fake scandal’ attack on Durham probe revives strategy from Whitewater era

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert W. Ray spoke with Just the News’ John Solomon last week to discuss the current Durham investigation and how Hillary Clinton’s response mirrors her attacks during the Whitewater investigation.

Twenty-four years ago, when prosecutors were closing in on evidence that both Bill and Hillary Clinton gave inaccurate testimony during the probe, then-first lady Hillary launched a blistering attack that was stunning in its vitriol even among those in Washington DC.

Mrs. Clinton claimed the Whitewater prosecutors was an attempt to “undo the results of two elections.” She accused the prosecutors of being “politically motivated” and aligned with “right-wing opponents of my husband.”

And here we are twenty-four years later, and Hillary is still at it.

She called Special Counsel John Durham’s filing alleging that her campaign paid to have the internet traffic at Trump Tower and the White House monitored “fake news” and a “fake scandal.” She suggested the reporting on Durham’s filing came close to meeting the “actual malice” standard for libel of a public official.

Robert Ray, who wrote the final report on the Whitewater probe that accused Hillary of lying to investigators, told Solomon that it’s déjà vu all over again.

He said Hillary is using the same playbook against Durham that she deployed against Whitewater, namely, to “undermine the legitimacy of the prosecutor” while trying to turn public sentiment against the ongoing investigation. The goal was to exhaust the public to the point where nobody gets held accountable.

While the Whitewater probe did lead to numerous convictions, including the Clintons’ partner in the real estate scheme, James McDougal, Ray ultimately decided there was insufficient evidence to indict and obtain a conviction for either Bill or Hillary.

Ray told Solomon that the biggest lesson Durham’s probe could learn from the Whitewater probe is that Hillary’s political attacks in the court of public opinion will have an impact on the special counsel’s timeline to seek justice in a court of law.

Hillary plans to drag it out and run out the clock. If the process goes on long enough, “memories fade, the country moves on, the political process moves on,” Ray told Solomon.

Ray said Durham has raised serious questions that have to be answered, but “I don’t know whether or not John Durham will be able to pin the tail on the donkey.”

Listen to the interview HERE.