Hillary Clinton Tells Democrats To Hide Their Radicalism Amid Elections

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is warning progressive members of the Democratic Party: Back off your rhetoric or risk control of both the House and Senate.

As Congress is entering the midterm elections later this year, there’s a strong possibility that control of both the House and Senate could change hands. Democrats hold a slight majority in the House and only a technical majority in the Senate.

And centrist Democrats such as Clinton believe that the ultra-liberals in their party are risking that power that they currently hold. They’re doing this, she said, by consistently hitting talking points that rally the troops only in very liberal areas of the country that they have no chance of losing, while ostracizing other voters who are on the fence.

In an interview with NBC News recently, Clinton said:

“I think that it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections, and not just in deep-blue districts where a Democrat and a liberal Democrat, or so-called progressive Democrat, is going to win.”

Despite that warning from one of the most prominent members of the Democratic Party, progressives apparently aren’t backing off their stance. Many believe that they should instead be aggressive about pushing their liberal agenda, and remind Americans why they are doing that.

Progressives believe that if they water down the rhetoric, they could face increased danger in elections, because voters would have lower motivation to show up at the polls. The stronger the message, they say, the more it could potentially resonate.

Missouri Representative Cori Bush, for example, said this week:

“Winning elections is not about looking good. It’s about being good. If Democrats brought home expansive climate action, a federal minimum wage of at least $15, paid leave, police reform and ‘Medicare for All,’ we would win in a landslide.

“The problem is that these are not getting done, year after year, even while basic necessities like housing and health care keep getting more and more expensive. The path forward is to actually enact policies that address the pain people are feeling across the country, not pretend that pain doesn’t exist.”

As usual, progressives are missing one of the most important facts about American voters — a majority of them aren’t as extreme as they are. If they doubt this fact, all progressives have to do is look at the most recent election, where moderates or conservative candidates were the ones who won out, not the ultra-liberal progressive candidates they push.

Centrist Democrats don’t necessarily disagree with Bush’s points about Congress needing to do more for the American people. But, they do disagree with how progressives are approaching it.

They believe that the progressive messaging only turns off swing voters who will be extremely important to the outcome of this year’s midterm elections. Holding onto the majorities in Congress will be vital to Democrats if they want to get anything done at all in the final two years of President Joe Biden’s presidency.

So, maybe — for once — Clinton has a good point.