Hillary Clinton Stages Possible Political Comeback

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Last week, Hillary Clinton was back, giving a keynote speech to New York Democrats where she endorsed Kathy Hochul for Governor. And Hillary’s speech sounded less like an endorsement and more like a campaign speech.

During her speech on Thursday, Hillary, who again was supposed to be delivering an endorsement of Kathy Hochul, mentioned Donald Trump, the January 6 riot, and Fox News more than she mentioned Kathy Hochul. Poor Kathy only got five mentions in Hillary’s bitter, divisive speech.

Sure, she opened her speech with some warm words for New York Democrat officials and praised New Yorkers for the way they handled the COVID pandemic. But Hillary wasted no time shifting gears and launching a full-throated attack on former President Trump and the national Republican Party.

She accused Republicans of “descending into coup-plotters” and claimed the only reason the Durham investigation made the news is because right-wing media is trying to distract from Donald Trump’s ongoing scandals. She claimed Fox News was leading the charge to attack her with conspiracy theories, adding a backhanded insult at Fox News viewers by claiming they’re so gullible they fall for it every time.

Despite Hillary rushing through the endorsement part of her speech, Kathy Hochul still kissed Hillary’s ring when it was her time to speak. Hochul praised Clinton for being a “voice of reason” and an inspiration to her and to “every single elected woman.”

After Clinton’s speech, one Republican pollster concluded that Hillary was “definitely keeping the door open” to a 2024 presidential run. John McLaughlin suggested that Hillary doesn’t believe Joe Biden is running again. But McLaughlin thinks a Hillary 2024 campaign would be a godsend to Republicans since recent polling shows Hillary getting spanked by Trump 51 percent to 41 percent.

Former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway agrees with McLaughlin. Conway said Republicans would welcome another Hillary candidacy, calling it the “next best thing to Biden-Harris running again.”

Conway added that Hillary could have used her speech to the New York Democrats as an opportunity to sound like a statesman and “president-in-waiting.” But instead, Clinton chose to sound “like an anti-Trump CNN segment.”