Hillary Clinton Accidentally Lost Her Child, Left Her At The Kremlin

It is common for any parent to remember losing their kid at some point, but it isn’t every day that a parent leaves their child behind in a foreign country. But Hillary Clinton allegedly forgot her daughter at the Kremlin during a state trip to Russia when Bill was president.

Hillary and Chelsea were on “The Tonight Show” with host Jimmy Fallon when they played a little game. Chelsea was to put on headphones as Fallon asked Hillary, “what is your craziest family vacation memory?” As Chelsea weirdly danced along to the music, Hillary gave it some thought saying, “I hope she doesn’t remember this because it was pretty traumatic.”

“We took her to Russia—Russia—when we went on a state visit when Bill was president, and there were the formal goodbyes—So Bill and I were ushered into the Beast, the big limousine, to head to the airport, not knowing that we had left her behind,” Clinton said as the audience laughed.

“I mean, can you imagine?” Clinton asked. “Leaving my only child in the Kremlin, especially with everything that has happened?”


After removing the headphones, it was Chelsea’s turn to answer the question, admitting that she had been trying to read their lips but had not succeeded. When Fallon repeated the question, she gave it some thought and finally corroborated: “When they left me at the Kremlin.”

Some replies in the comments claimed that either the story was a lie, or the bit was planned out.

Both Chelsea and Hillary are executive producers in a show called “Gutsy,” which aired September 9 on Apple TV. The show features a wide array of female celebrities. The trailer focused on the women talking about a host of issues where they center themselves as marginalized people based on their religion, race, or sex.